Time planning and worktime calculation software packages

If you only need online absence management, check out the StaffLogic Vacations solution. Vacations

Standard package

150 /month *

+ 2€/month per person

30 days free trial period

The application is located on the service provider's server. In order to use the Stafflogic client, you need a computer operating on the Windows system and an internet connection.

Terms of Use

Expanded package

1280€ /month *

The application is hosted on the company's own server. Server requirements are at least Windows 2008 R2 and MS SQL server. Server costs shall be covered by the company.

Terms of Use

Compare the functionalities of the packages

Function Standard package Expanded package
Unlimited number of users and number of employees
Work time planning and scheduling
Work time calculation
Monthly, weekly and daily view of work schedule
Versioning of work schedules (including preservation of the original schedule)
Automatic planning of working hours based on staffing and competence requirements
Work schedule planning based on patterns and work modes
Printing out the work schedule
Summation period calculation support
Checking work schedules against the Employment Contract Act
Looking for a replacement for a work shift
Restrictions management (day off requests)
Human Resources Management tool
Vacation management, including vacation scheduling
Management of sick leaves
Management of trainings
Management of assignment trips
Management of other absences (donor day, inallowed absence, work anniversary, etc. company-specific absence)
Employee skills management
Management of teams
Organizational hierarchy
Role and privilege based user management.
Authentication with username/password
Export of all data to common formats (xlsx, xls, pdf, doc, jpg, ...)
Self-service for the employee. Monitoring your own and the department's work schedule, submitting applications, viewing and managing personal data
Management of health checks and certificates
Management of annual leave balances (Main annual leave, additional leave related to reduced working capacity)
Management of actual working hours
Employee document management
Authentication as an Active directory user, with an ID card
Integrations management
Notifications module
Import of employee data from excel
Administration of employee applications: vacations, illnesses, desired work shifts, restrictions (on days you don't want to be at work)
Prediction of business volumes based on statistics of past periods - call centers and service volume for predicting future customer calls
Possibility to order company-specific additions, including integration with access systems, existing personnel and accounting or other systems. Price by separate agreement.
On special order
Authentication with mobile-id or smart-id - requires a SK ID Solution service contract
On special order
Employee consent (GDPR) management
On special order
Management of variable hours
On special order
Labor market - management of unstaffed shifts and offering open shifts to employees through self-service
On special order
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