All your absences and vacation balances in one digital environment. Fast. Accurate. Convenient.

The most professional human resources scheduling and work time tracking software that considers Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian labor law requirements.

50% more effective workforce planning

Measuring of actual working times

Work time calculation within seconds

Paperless management of vacations and absences

Solutions suitable from small and medium size companies to corporations

Fast and convenient creation of work schedules

Creation of work schedules in StaffLogic is as convenient as in Excel, but the company-wide controlled unity is ensured, and the work of planners is simplified by various smart functionalities. The requirements of the labor law specifics of all Baltic countries are integrated to support on the background. Available is the largest selection of different work schedule generation options (e.g. based on patterns or staffing and competence requirements). In addition the program offers statistical overviews on how the staffing requirements are met, there is a functionality of searching for replacements throughout the company and the correct calculation of overtime and underhours in the summation period is guaranteed.

Work time calculation with a few clicks

With up-to-date schedules the work time calculation can be executed and confirmed with a few clicks only and if the interface is in place, the confirmed work time data can be sent directly to accounting program for the calculation of salaries. In StaffLogic is the summation of overtime in different accounting periods (1 month - 12 months) fully supported. Each employee's personal work time norm is checked and correctly calculated, taking into account the workload, public holidays and absences. The control methods ensure that the employees are guaranteed both daily and weekly resting time by checking that the limits of working hours in a 7-day period would not be exceeded. StaffLogic's add-on module offers for the trade sector the option to implement the logic of variable hours.

Web based self-service portal

Employee self-service portal is a web based application. The employee does not need to install the application, the same portal can be used on a computer, tablet or phone regardless of the operating system. Self-service is a digital channel between the employee and the company, where the employee can access his personal (if necessary, also the department's) work schedule and to submit applications, track holiday balances and manage personal data (e.g. contact details). The entire application process is supported in the background by email notifications.

Digitalized management of absence notifications

StaffLogic makes the processes related to the company's work schedules paperless. Through the employee self-service, the entire process of managing absences, days off, changing work shifts can be solved. From initial applications from the employee to changes to existing entries and cancellations are supported. The digital application process is supported by email notifications to the employee, to direct managers and HR. The planner can also notify the employee about changes in the schedule by e-mail and guide to check the self-service for further information. Self-service allows the employee to monitor the schedule at any time. StaffLogic can also be used to create the annual holiday schedule. If desired, StaffLogic can be interfaced with the Health Insurance Fund.

Tracking of actual working time

StaffLogic has a real-time monitoring system for actual working hours, which can be integrated with the company's access systems or, if necessary, through terminal solutions provided by partner companies. The comprehensive plan vs. the actual display gives the manager a full overview of delays, early departures, and longer working hours, as well as the opportunity to calculate working hours based on these data.

Smart "labor market" for uncovered work shifts

StaffLogic's add-on module enables to open a company's internal digital labor market for ad hoc "job opportunities". Within the work schedule, there is an additional row that can be used for planning needed but yet unstaffed shifts. If desired, the planner can direct employees to apply in the self-service for these jobs. The fastest employee, who is interested in the additional work and passes the necessary validation conditions, can confirm the shift to his work schedule. Through the labor market module, the Estonian trade sector can also offer variable hour shifts to employees and thereby solve the entire confirmation process on the part of the employee, which must precede at least 24 hours before the start of the shift.

Complete solution for effective workforce management

Especially for the trade and service sector, StaffLogic offers a comprehensive workforce management system, where planning can start from predicting future business volumes and by generating a shift structure based on it. StaffLogic is a convenient tool for planning employees between different stores and job positions. In addition to the standard work shift criteria, StaffLogic offers the possibility to associate each entry with additional analytics dimensions (e.g. cost objects, planning categories, etc.) and thereby provides additional basic data for later analysis. StaffLogic provides timekeeping solutions where overtime in the summation period can be distributed between different cost centers based on different models. Depending on the company's business logic, this functionality can be applied in other sectors as well.

Support for Human Resources management

StaffLogic can be interfaced with a company's existing HR system or used as main HR software. StaffLogic offers managers and HR email-based notifications of important events and expiration dates, convenient company-wide reports, management of employee compensation, health checks and certificates, documents, training, assignments. StaffLogic is a flexible tool for every Human Resources specialist, as all data lists can be configured based on needs (add/remove columns, change their order, apply column-based filters and groupings etc) and save customizations per user. At the company level, the implementation of StaffLogic brings smoother workflows in company’s processes, as the need of duplicated data entries will be reduced and transparency increased.

Special solutions for large enterprices

For large companies, StaffLogic offers the development of company-specific modules, support for Baltic countries, and a system that can handle the work schedule management of 5,000 - 10,000 employees and reporting over the subsidiaries. For more than 10 years, the StaffLogic team has helped companies in various sectors to take workforce planning to the next level, considering the specifics of the sector.

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